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Director | Editor | Photographer

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"I document life in the present, but the goal is always to create something timeless."

- Damon L. Thomas

(Director / Editor / Photographer)

It's never JUST a photo or JUST a video.  This is the case when a talent like Damon L. Thomas is behind the lens.  Acclaimed for his gritty, yet stylish visuals, Damon is a connoisseur of imagery - he's a skilled video director, photographer, and video editor who injects passion into everything he touches.  His vivid imagination and renegade visuals has been sought by some of music's biggest stars and has earned accolades from audiences, critics, and industry peers.

The son of working-class parents, Thomas was born and bred in Detroit, Michigan.  He inherited his mother's fascination with visual art and his father's adoration for music at an early age.  During this time the art of the music video was just being introduced on a global scale and the marriage of the two intrigued him.  Receiving a video camera as a Christmas gift changed his life forever.

After graduating from Cass Technical High School as a student in their renowned Performing Arts curriculum, Damon headed south to study film and television at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Honing his skills and developing relationships with a cornucopia of creative minds, he sat in the same classrooms once led by distinguished scholars such as W.E.B. Dubois and taught icons such as Ralph Abernathy and one of Damon's influences, Spike Lee.  Thomas partnered with fellow student, Dorian Forbes, and began directing videos for many of Atlanta's emerging artists under the moniker President Thomas Forbes.

Garnering a street buzz among independent artists in a fledging market, Thomas and Forbes were sought out and taken under the wings of Fat Cats, a directorial duo who had connections throughout Atlanta's music scene.  It was through this relationship that led to a chance meeting with a young T.I. and his manager, Jason Geter.  Frustrated with label red tape, T.I. hired President Thomas Forbes to direct the video to the second single from his debut album, the street classic, "Dope Boyz".

Following "Dope Boyz", Damon and Dorian went on to craft music videos for some of hip hop's hottest and most prominent superstars.  Everyone from T.I. and the P.$.C., Young Jeezy, Ludacris and DTP, Yung Joc, Pastor Troy, D4L, Shawty Lo, Jody Breeze, Young Dro, Crime Mob, Lil' Boosie, Bun B, Chuck Brown, Rasheeda, R. Kelly, and Do Or Die have been in the crosshairs of Damon's viewfinder.  President Thomas Forbes also ventured into the realm of feature films with the nationally distributed spiritual film "The Walk" starring Eva Pigford (America's Next Top Model), Teck Holmes (MTV's "Real World"), and R&B legend Regina Bell. The motion picture was recognized at the American Black Film Festival as well as being aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET).

Diversifying his portfolio, Damon Thomas launched Eleven16 Media expanding his reach into independent documentaries, digital content for various brands, and independent media projects. Currently, Eleven16 Media is in production for a spectrum of intriguing projects that span across various genres.  Thomas has also launched WE ARE THE MEDIA, a renegade digital media outlet that gives the opposite perspective of what one would encounter in mainstream media.

Throughout industry adversities, Damon maintains a grounded, grassroots objective in reaching out to small businesses, corporations, and independent clientele to provide them with the astounding visuals major firms create.  His visuals are a product of integrity, unmatched creativity, and pure passion.  With a pallette of flavors suitable for any project, Damon L. Thomas is the eye that will transform your image into a statement.


Music Videos

* Pastor Troy - "Champion" | Director/Editor

* T.I. - "Dope Boyz" | Director/Editor

* The Last Mr. Bigg - "Trial Time" | Director/Editor

* The Last Mr. Bigg - "Ho's" | Director/Editor

* Big Gee - "Once Upon A Time..." | Director/Editor

* Q of ESC - "We Big Mane" feat. Bun B | Director

* Tyra - "Country Boy" | Director/Editor

* Do or Die - "Magic Chic" feat. R. Kelly | Director/Editor

* Young Jeezy - "Over Here/Air Forces" feat. Bun B | Director/Editor

* Don Yute - "Grab De Wall" | Director/ Editor

* D4L - "Laffy Taffy" | Director/Editor

* D4L - "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me" | Director/Editor

* Pastor Troy - "Just To Fight" | Director/Editor

* T.I. Presents P$C - "Do Your Thing" | Director/Editor

* Ludacris Presents DTP - "Family Affair" | Director/Editor

* Bohagon - "Wuz Up" feat. Diamond, Princess, and Fabo | Director/Editor

* Jody Breeze - "Fast Forward" feat. Freeway | Director/Editor

* Young Dro - "Shoulder Lean" feat. T.I. | Director

* Lil' Boosie - "Zoom" feat. Yung Joc | Director/Editor

* Yung Joc - "1st Time" feat. Marques Houston and Trey Songz | Director

* Rasheeda - "Bubble Gum" | Director/Editor

* Chuck Brown - "Block Party" feat. DJ Kool | Director/Editor

* T.I. - "Hurt" feat. Alfamega and Busta Rhymes | Director

* Big Kuntry - "That's Right" feat. T.I. | Director

* Shawty Lo - "Dey Know" | Director/Editor

* Huey - "G5" feat. Memphitz and T-Pain | Director/Editor

* Shawty Lo - "Dunn Dunn/Foolish" | Director

* The Boy Illinois - "Join A Frat" (Viral) | Director/Editor

* The Boy Illinois - "Speaking Through Experience" | Director/Editor

* ROYAL - "Look Back Body" | Director/Editor

* F.A. The Squad - "Back Down" | Director/Editor

* F.A. The Squad - "Take Off" | Director/Editor

* Benjamin Brim - "Almost Through" (Acoustic) | Director/Editor

* Tabius Tate - "Keep Pushin'" | Co-Director/Editor

* The Boy Illinois - "Nu.P" | Director/Editor

* F.A. The Squad - "Just For Now" | Director/Editor

* Joe Dent - "Natural" feat. Tabius Tate | Director/Editor

* Tabius Tate - "Rainy Night In Georgia" | Director/Editor

* 2Crunk.com - "Dat Lump Lump" | Director/Editor

* F.A. The Squad - "Top Of The World" | Director/Editor

* Tabius Tate - "Epic" feat. B-Hess | Director/Editor

* Tabius Tate - "Hustle For You" feat. B-Hess | Director/Editor

* Myah J - "The Cypher" | Director/Editor

* TreStyle - "All On Me" | Director/Editor

* Tarvoria - "No Romance" feat. GymShoes | Director/Editor

* Apartment K - "The Art Of...(Intro) | Director/Editor

* mikeflo - "MY GOD (RBG Takeover) | Director/Editor

* Yun Beezy - "Still Gettin' Money" feat. Tabius Tate 

* Tabius Tate | "My World" | Director/Editor

* Bleu Davinci - "Fiendin'" | Director/Editor

* TreStyle - "H&H" | Director/Editor

* Myah J - "Turn Up" | Director/Editor

* T.A.G. - "Look In Your Eye" | Director/Editor

* Tabius Tate | "Determination" (Viral Visual) | Director/Editor

Tabius Tate | "Do It" feat. Translee | Director/Editor

* Bleu Davinci | "Lil' Nigga" feat. Fly Boy Pat, Cap 1, and Jim Jones | Director/Editor

*Tabius Tate | "Kendrick Lamar" (the verb) | Director/Editor

*Hannah Monroe | "Crashed and Burning" | Director/Editor

*T.R.E. | "Entitled" | Director/Editor

*Country Black | "Whip Game" | Director/Editor

*Sean Sahand | "She Want That" | Director/Editor

*Ben Familiar | "All Work No Play" | Director/Editor

*Translee | "Losers" feat. Bias The Black | Director/Editor

*Rick Johnson | "Famous" | Director/Editor

*DAME | "That Girl" | Director/Editor

*DAME | "Goodbye" | Director/Editor

*Benjamin Brim | "Keep Going Strong" | Director/Editor

Web Series

*We Need To Talk | Creator/Director

*The U | Creator/Director

*GAME CHANG3RS | Director


Airess & Church Jeans - "Classic" | Director/Editor

Airess & Church Jeans - "Dark Blue" | Director/Editor

The Arrest Book - "Ski Mask Way" | Director/Editor

The Arrest Book - "Baby Daddy Drama" | Director/Editor

Motion Pictures

* "The Walk" starring Eva Pigford produced by Pyramid Pictures | Co-Director

Other Projects

HeSpeaksSoWell.com - Website

Co-Creator/Content Provider

Tabius Tate Story - Documentary | Director/Editor

The Nakid Truth - Documentary | Director/Editor

Airess & Church Denim - Dark Blue Promo Campaign | Director/Editor/Photographer

VIXENS - Web Series | Director/Editor

The Boy Illinois - "Inhale Pt. 3" E.P.K. | Director/Editor

F.A. The Squad - "The Pilot" E.P.K. | Director/Editor

Scotty - "Summer Dreams" part 2 Concert | Videographer/Editor